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Welcome, Nightflyers!

Are you ready to funk and roll?


        Nightfly formed on the East Coast of Central FL in December of 2012 with two simple goals in mind: to provide a soulful, funky, rockin' good time, and to do it with an original style instead of re-hashing the clichés.

            The chemistry within the band was immediate and powerful, and Nightfly quickly built a large, loyal fan base of “Fly Fans”, as well as a reputation for being a high-energy, talented professional outfit.

            From the beginning, Nightfly started adding well-crafted original songs to their set lists, and the audience reaction was positive and highly encouraging. Fans were soon asking for recorded versions of these original songs, so Nightfly decided it was time to give their fans what they were asking for.

            With producer Pat Bautz, drummer for the legendary band Three Dog Night and owner/operator of Real Drum Studio, Nightfly recorded the original CD “Honey Jelly Jam.” Pat also provided his drumming talents on the record. This collection of ten original songs mix Funk, R&B, and Rock & Roll in an old-school style that still sounds new and fresh.

            Having proved adept at entertaining audiences from dance clubs to large shows, Nightfly is exploring ways to bring their original Funk & Roll music to audiences beyond Florida’s Central East Coast.

Dianne Moore

           Dianne has been singing since she can remember, and music has always been a part of her life; especially Soul (Aretha Franklin), Funk (Rufus and Chaka Khan), and folk (Joni Mitchell).  In the 1970’s, she moved from Central Florida to Colorado, and started singing with bands in the Denver area, playing the Denver nightclub and Rocky Mt ski resort circuits.  As an in-demand singer, she was a constant presence in the best and hardest working bands of the area.  Her original music from those days is still being played in Retro-Soul clubs in Europe.

           Dianne started doing duo gigs after relocating to Phoenix, AZ, and eventually established her professional partnership with Seth Bernstein. 

            In the 2000’s Dianne returned to Florida with Seth, becoming a fixture as a popular duo before meeting the other founding members of Nightfly.  Dianne loves to sing, to write lyrics, and is inspired by the collaboration between the members of Nightfly.

Seth Bernstein

             Seth has been a dedicated lifelong musician as a performer, songwriter and instructor. Learning the piano at a young age, Seth later took up the guitar, giving him his “one-two punch.”  Starting with regional bands in his home state of Maryland, then relocating to Phoenix, AZ, Seth built a reputation as a talented vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist, with a strong sense of rhythm, melody, and harmony.

               In 1997 Seth toured Japan with legendary guitarist Michael Schenker as part of the MSG, appearing on the live album; "The Michael Schenker Story Live", and its accompanying video; "Live in Tokyo 1997."  He also was with Schenker for the Satriani, Schenker, and Roth G3 tour in Europe. 

               Since moving to Florida in the early 2000’s he has been part of a successful duo with Dianne Moore, as well as a key component of Nightfly, where his lead and harmony vocals, and musicianship on both the guitar and keyboards, add funky soul to Nightfly’s sound.


Andre Follot

            Andre Follot was raised in an old-country, European household and given a solid musical foundation with classical music, seven years of accordion lessons, and involvement in both church and secular choral groups.  In high school he picked up bass guitar and, after a year of music studies in college, quickly made a name for himself in the greater Washington, DC area playing the regional rock and funk club circuit in several prominent bands.  During those years he also spent time on a Caribbean tour as part of legendary luthier Paul Reed Smith’s band.

             Andre spent the late '80s playing with the regionally successful, alternative power pop trio, Mind's I, whose 1989 release "A House Defiled" spent most of that year at the top of the college and indie radio charts.

             He moved to Florida in 1999 and spent the following eleven years playing the south-central Florida Blues circuit before meeting the members of his dream band, Nightfly!  He fondly speaks of this band, which has been his musical home for nearly four years, as "Funk & Roll heaven"!

Whitey Bryan

            A lifelong resident of South Brevard County on Florida’s East Coast, Whitey took to the guitar at the early age of 11 years old.  His first instructor was a “Folkie”, which gave him his love and appreciation for Bluegrass, Folk, and Singer-Songwriters.  That instructor also introduced Whitey to the Blues, giving him the musical foundation needed for everything from blues based Rock and Roll, to Soul, R&B, and Funk.  Whitey also started writing songs as soon as he knew enough chords for a progression, and hasn’t stopped since.

            After playing in bands through high school and college, he took a short break from the music scene.  However, he soon found himself desperately needing the “fix” of playing live music.  For the last 30 years, Whitey has been a fixture on the Space Coast local music scene, building a reputation a soulful, bluesy guitarist with an almost obsessive need to bring his music to a live audience.  As a part of Nightfly, that obsession has only grown.

Mike E Styx

             Bio to come...


We're located in Sebastian, FL, just minutes away from the beautiful Atlantic ocean!

Sebastian, FL