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Welcome, Nightflyers!

Are you ready to funk and roll?


It’s the mildest of understatements to tell you how much I love your CD. Lately I’ve been listening to it with the words in front of me and following along.  That gives me a whole new dimension in appreciation for the songs. It was a great decision to include that song folder-something that is rarely done.
 I may have something to say later on, but for now I think it’s just really special. So far I have listened to it at least 10 times and I’m not getting tired of it!
Last week and have been listening to it on the way to and from the day job and the gig Saturday night and am enjoying it a lot.  Some of the chord voicings are very happening and some of the changes themselves have me smiling. Listening makes me want to sit in with the band. The whole CD is recorded very well. I was never straining to hear you.
Very Good.
"I was looking for a manual for a keyboard I'm lending to a friend, and found my Memorex portable CD player just in time to listen to the new Nightfly CD, Honey Jelly Jam!
I absolutely love this CD! The playing, singing, texturing of sound, and songs are top notch!
Dianne Moore handles the lion's share of lead vocals, and she's got a voice with just the right amount of rasp, southern drawl and sultry warmth to keep you listening.
Whitey Bryan (guitars, and vocal), and Seth Bernstein (guitar and keys, vocals) texture each song with varying guitar tones, piano, organ, and synth strings.
André Follot's (bass and vocals) playing is melodic, tasteful and so tight you wouldn't notice if there wasn't a drummer, but fortunately there is, and Pat Bautz knows exactly how to move the songs with precision and craft.
The feel of the songs is southern-centric without being self conscious. The lyrics are intelligent, thought provoking, sentimental, and funny (Hit That Bowl [While I Shuffle]).
This is not your Mother's Southern Funk, not straight blues, there are changes in time and feel in several songs that are refreshing and well placed in conveying the message of the songs.
I have a funny feeling I'll be listening to this a lot!"

Russell D.
"I've been listening to Honey Jelly Jam. You know something is really good when the tunes revisit you unexpectedly and often. You've created memorable music. Thank you!"

Joe M.